mobile corner load weighing system measures 4 WLAN measuring amplifiers of the A02W series in parallel ... A07Wxxx
Record weight forces on vehicle bodies or vehicles in parallel and transfer them to up to 4 prefabricated EXCEL templates as required. The templates are then selected using the M1 ... M4 buttons and transferred using the Start button.

You can choose whether the transfer is to be made only once (protocol) or online in the EXCEL cells for further calculations, such as determining the centre of gravity et cetera.

Thanks to the WLAN connection, larger objects can also be measured where the load cells are further apart.

the individual weights are displayed online in the measured value window
and can be transferred to defined cells in EXCEL
this enables calculations in EXCEL, such as the load distribution
total weight and centre of gravity calculation, et cetera.
or the weights are entered in your log at the touch of a button.

supports the operation of 4pcs. of weight - units, or amplifiers
with the interfaces

Running under Windows 10 und 11


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