A wide range of monitoring tasks, possibly as part of construction measures?
Here you will find a brief overview of the scope and possibilities of our measurement data database
You can find out which of our measuring amplifiers with which properties / measuring and transfer rates are suitable under this link

All our amplifiers with Device Cloud support can be integrated into the cloud with a subscription.

Access to the measurement data is simple and clear and can be done via a browser using the dashboard on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
The server is located in Switzerland.

The measurement data can be viewed online, graphically or in tabular form, or summarised daily, monthly or annually and downloaded as an Excel file. Selected users can (re)parameterise the measurement amplifier via the dashboard.

We place the highest value on data security and accessibility.

Remote - Monitoring of measured values on objects and structures:

Bridges, beams, pipes, platforms, road and rail sections
Measurement of displacement, force, bending, elongation, torque
Depending on the device via WLAN router, or mobile radio 4G LTE

Power supply:
The amplifiers can be supplied with a 12VDC plug-in power supply or from a 6.5V..13.5V battery. (e.g. LiPO / NiMh / lead-acid battery / solar station).

Measured variables:
The measured variables and the scope are determined by the type and number of amplifiers.

Transfer rates:
These can be selected between every 10 seconds, minutes, hours, days etc. and depend on the interface. Measuring amplifiers with an integrated RTC can switch themselves on, send the measured values and switch themselves off again, whereby the current consumption is then approx. current consumption is then approx. 500nA.

Have your own server
and have the appropriate resources?
Of course, the firmware or the PHP scripts can also be customised.

We offer customised solutions, depending on specifications and monitoring tasks. Just ask us.


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