Overview cloud connections

Monitoring tasks in the context of building projects

Bridge inspections, monitoring of objects :

buildings, pipelines, platforms, road and rail sections
measuring displacement / force / strain / temperature / humidity
via WLAN router or a mobile network 3G / 4G LTE, SMS

We offer specific solutions, depending on settings and monitoring tasks. Feel free to contact us.
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Some examples :
Overload alarm by road and rail vehicles
    → power from battery and solar - charging station. Hourly data transfer via the mobile phone network to the server
    → peak measurement (2400Hz), automatically resetting at 00: 00h, or the event control
    → alarm activation via SMS, or E-mail when exceeding one or more thresholds

crack develops with an inductive linear scale (existing gap) with an accuracy of +/- 5 um
    → supply from 230V AC/DC adaptor. Daily data transfer via WLAN - router with cellular network connection to the server
    → instantaneous value measurement (10Hz) and alarm via e-mail if exceeded one or more thresholds

strain gauge application on a pipeline remote monitoring duration about 6 months
    → power from battery. Daily data transfer at 08: 00h (alarm integrated RTC) via mobile network to the server
    → amplifiers power on via the alarm, transmits the datas and shut down (none standby power)
    → The time from power on, log into mobile network and transmits the data, is approx 20s
    → because of short operating times and low standby current of approximately 500nA, no solar charging station is necessary

platform monitoring with audible and visual signals on site
    → supply from 230V AC/DC adaptor. Data transfer every 10 s via WLAN hot spot to the server
    → limit switches controlls a rotary light / horn, or signalised on a display panel, the weight and overload

Access to the data is simple and clear :
and is done via browser smartphone, tablet, desktop - PC. The server is located in Switzerland.
Through encrypted data transfer and various protected cloud user rights, online datas can be represented graphically and in tabular form. Certain users can set parameters the measuring amplifier from the office and the measurement data collected daily, monthly or annually. Downloadable in an Excel file.

If you have your own server and have appropriate resources?
Customized scripts and PHP code can be written, to adapt the incomming datas to your database.
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