4 channel quarter- and halfbridge amplifier A44

half- quarterbridge strain gauges 120E / 350E
measuring values in [mV/V], or [um/m]
linear multi-point scaling with 11 points

UMRD version
Remote monitoring via WLAN / 3G / 4G LTE
with integrated RTC for power-saving, sporadic switch-on/switch-off

supportst strain gauges- quarter and halfbridges in 4 - wire technology
accuracy class 0.25%
bridge supply voltage 3.3VDC

selectable output channels
gross / net / tare - channels (user scaled)
positive / negative peak memory (user scaled)
measuring values in [mV/V], or [um/m]
8pcs.of limit switch pairs choosabel to the output channels

aviable with USB 2.0 interface
aviable with WLAN interface
data packet, or SMS transmission
supports Device Cloud connection

aluminum casing 80 * 64 * 30mm
supply voltage 6.5 ... 13.5VDC