Aluminium housing 80 * 64 * 30mm
Power supply voltage 6.5 ... 13.5VDC <250mA

Data sheets :
A40W / A40U / A40UMRD mit WLAN / USB / USB und 4G LTE Schnittstelle

A40W / A40U / A40UMRD with WLAN / USB / USB and 4G LTE Interface

Suitable measurement data acquisition :
X - Link direct Graph
X - Link Logging (only WLAN amplifiers)
The small 4-channel full-bridge measuring amplifier A40 has a wide range of options.
With the USB interface (A40U), it can be used for static and dynamic measurements, with synchronous data transmission rate between 0.625..1200Hz, or by means of asynchronous measured value request.

This is also possible with the WLAN interface (A40W), but the RD version offers the option of connecting it to our Device Cloud.

The A40UMRD variant uses the mobile network for cloud connectivity and also has a USB interface. With the RD variants (USB / WLAN), the cloud connection is not mandatory in order to be able to take measurements with the PC.

The measurement amplifier supports linear multi-point user acceleration or polynomial scaling with 4 constants. 8pcs. Output channels can be activated and assigned measured values as required.
Force and weight measurements et cetera.
linear user - multi-point scaling with 11 points, or
a polynomial user - scaling with 4 constants
measurement of the bridge deviation in [mV/V/]

UMRD Variant:
monitoring tasks, cloud connection via WLAN / 4G LTE
with integrated RTC for energy-saving, sporadic switching on and off

Device Cloud Description

Supports strain gauge full bridges in 6 - wire technology
accuracy class 0.02%
bridge supply voltage 5V DC

Selectable output channels
gross / net / tare - channel (user scaled)
positive / negative peak memory (user scaled)
sum and average channel (user scaled)
measurement value [mV/V]
sum and average channel [mV/V]
8pcs.of limit switch pairs choosabel to the output channels


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