4 channel amplifier A240 with 3.2" TFT Touch Display

force, weight force measurements
measuring of bridge output voltage ratio [mV/V/]
linear multi-point scaling with 11 points, or
polynomial with 4 constants
vectorial force determination with the software X - Link direct Graph
handy case available for field use

supports strain gauge bridges in 6 - wire technology
accuracy class 0.02%
bridge supply voltage 5V DC

gross / net / tare channels
positive / negative peak memories
sum and average channel [user scaled]
measurement values [mV/V]
sum and average channel [mV/V]
8pcs.of limit switch pairs choosabel to the output channels

aviable with USB 2.0 interface

desktop housing (T*B*H) 140 * 172 * 96mm
Power supply from 83 ... 264VAC, 50 / 60Hz

suitable measurement data acquisition :
X - Link direct Graph