Cell diameter 140mm
Overall height 95mm
Supply voltage 6.5 ... 13.5VDC, <250mA

Data sheets :
A07W mit WLAN Schnittstelle
A07W with WLAN interface
A07W con interfaccia WLAN
A07W с интерфейсом WLAN

Suitable measurement data acquisition :
Box Weighing
X - Link direct Graph
X - Link Logging
The handy, mobile weighing unit A07W is available with nominal loads of 7.5t / 10t / 15t / 20t / 25t / 30t.
It is suitable for force, corner force measurements and weighing of carriage bodies, in which 4 units are used.

The 7 digit, 14-segment LED display can be swivelled by 90°. This allows the brightly illuminated display to be optimally adjusted to the respective viewing angle. The measuring amplifier is installed in a Utilcell Mod. 750i load cell and the cell connection cable is well protected from damage by the handle. The load application button is fitted with an internal O-ring to prevent the button from being lost during transport. Interface WLAN with a synchronous data transfer rate between 0.625..600Hz selectable, or asynchronous measured value on request.

portable unit available in various nominal loads
amplifier - accuracy class 0.01%
load Cell - accuracy class 3000 partsO.I.M.L. R60 class C

14Segment 7 Digit LED Display
display can be swiveled through 90°
with a grab rail and cable protection
small relative deviation in [%], in the lower load range, if calibrated
SCS 0069 calibrated on request


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