The 1 channel full bridge measuring amplifier A05 with LED display
is a small, handy measuring amplifier in an aluminium housing. It is powered from 12VDC by an external plug-in power supply.

The measuring amplifier supports linear multi-point scaling or polynomial scaling with 4 constants.

The LED display with a height of 11 mm is easy to read from a distance, even in difficult lighting conditions.
Interface USB 2.0, or WLAN with a synchronous data transfer rate between 0.625..300Hz selectable, or asynchronous measured value request.
force and weight measurements et cetera.
5 pcs. parameter sets can be saved in the device
measurement of the bridge deviation in [mV/V/]
linear user - multi-point scaling with 11 points, or
a polynomial user - scaling with 4 constants

Supports strain gauge full bridges in 6 - wire technology
accuracy class 0.01%
bridge supply voltage 5V DC

Selectable output channels
gross / net / tare - channel (user scaled)
positive / negative peak memory (user scaled)
range average of the peak values
measurement value [mV/V]
8pcs.of limit pairs definable on active output channels


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