Foundation of the sole proprietorship Trachsler Elektronik in 1994 in CH-8344 Bäretswil

In the early days, Franchaising carried out service work, training and commissioning in the field of measuring and weighing technology. Strain gauge applications were in demand in a wide variety of areas, such as industry, medical technology, aerospace and motorsport.

The technology progressed and there were a lot of new things to learn. Z80, 8080, 6800 and 68K processors were turned into powerful RISC uControllers for the embedded sector. DOS 3.1 became DOS 6.1, which was then replaced by Windows 3.0 / 3.1 and 95. Multitasking operating systems followed, and network and database technology also emerged. (OSI standard model, DBase, SQL, etc.) and the www.

In 2000, the sole proprietorship Trachsler Elektronik became the company Trachsler Electronics GmbH with registered office in Wetzikon ZH

The early 2000s were characterised by innovation and digitalisation progressed steadily.
Many developments in the field of measurement and test bench technology were realised.

In response to customer enquiries, options and specifications were developed, coordinated with the customer and refined so that the projects could be implemented promptly and completely from a single source and delivered to the customer. The subsequent service and any repairs / recalibrations of the systems and appliances continue to this day. A satisfied and enthusiastic customer is, among other things, the company's capital alongside its employees. Growth at any price was foregone in favour of quality and customer satisfaction.
Strain gauge applications and application measurements were carried out statically and dynamically with several dozen strain gauges to determine lubricants, torques, load peaks and load tests etc. among other things.

From the mid-2000s onwards, R&D using the finite element method in the field of mechanical stress analysis became increasingly important, so that the applications of strain gauges in the manufacture of sensors and other areas of use developed more and more. In measuring and test equipment construction, customers demanded compact and flexible measuring systems with the use of LabView. These were developed and manufactured using multi-controller systems in the analogue range for the smallest precise voltages with temperature stability. RS232C, RS485, Ethernet and, somewhat later, USB were often used as interfaces.

From 2010 onwards, we launched our own measuring amplifiers, modules and complete devices based on our experience and customer requirements.

The aim was to realise durable, precise, handy measuring amplifiers with a wide variety of interfaces for research and development as well as for industrial applications.

Our ergonomically clear and user-friendly measuring amplifiers should only require one setup program with which all our measuring equipment can be parameterised.

Measurement data acquisition such as X - Link direct Graph and X - Link Logging have been developed in-house with various options under Visual Studio.

From 2015, cloud-based applications were created and our web and measurement data server was switched on.

In addition to our measuring devices, integrated remote monitoring modules have been developed that send measurement data to our measurement data server via 4G LTE or WLAN. The data can be displayed graphically on the cloud website and can be grouped and downloaded in EXCEL format for further processing. In 2020, the company headquarters were relocated from Wetzikon ZH to Haslistrasse 12a in 8554 Wigoltingen TG.
We moved into our new offices at the end of September.

Our strengths are quality and flexibility,
customer service and customer proximity.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust and welcome all our future customers.

Kind regards
CEO Andreas Trachsler


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