This option enables the data acquisition of any
device with a serial interface or USB CDC whose measured values are output in ASCII.
A maximum of 20 devices can be recorded in one device file. Once Plus devices have been entered, they are entered in the ComboBox in the main window and are therefore available after starting X - Link direct Graph.
detailed description


use the device's own command set incl. login / logout
and request the measured value cyclically
reset tare / zero and peak values via buttons or hotkeys

use the measured value output button on the device,
or parameterise the device for cyclical output

discard / replace received characters in the string
also across several end characters (records)
filter the measured value or several measured values with various selectable
criteria from the string and select a unit for each measured value

up to 20 defined and saved device settings are available
for selection in a list in the main programme

export / import of individual device settings or entire groups

the option requires the main programme

Running under Windows 10 und 11


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