X - Link direct Graph is easy to handle measurement data acquisition
Our measuring devices are supported in the basic version, with the USB and WLAN interfaces. A measured value display shows asynchronously requested measured values. To carry out dynamic measurements the measuring rate of the measuring amplifier and the number of measured values are selected. The measured values are saved to a file in CSV format.

The measurement can be started using predefined function keys, external buttons or the Start button. The measuring amplifier sends the data synchronously to the PC. However, it is also possible to request just one measured value at the touch of a button. 'Data to target application' function, which transfers the measured value to your template where you have placed the cursor. The selected end character then determines where the cursor should jump to after the transfer 'ENTER', 'LEFT', 'RIGHT', et cetera.

A Polargraph option and a Plus option are available for all devices with RS232C interface with ASCII protocol
detailed description

for static and dynamic measurements
for logging in your template (where the cursor is located)
use x/y, y/t or polar diagrams (option)
measured value output with header in a file (CSV)
can be controlled via function keys

supports operation with one device
with the device interfaces RS232
and the language

Running under Windows 10 und 11

further :
several measurements can be carried out in succession (long-term measurement)
automatically incrementing file name with date and time
creep measurement (measure 10 readings every 30 seconds)

automatically generates curves / axes / legend based on the device setting
transfers measurement data to a target application (where the cursor is positioned)
play sound files if limit values are exceeded
text - Insert marker, set zero point, reset peak values

zoom, scroll and view measured values in the course of the curve and read off their value
graphs can be exported as an image or copied to the clipboard


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