X - Link direct Graph

easy-to-use measurement data acquisition

for static and dynamic measurements
for logging in your template
use x / y, y / t, or polar graphs
measured value output with header to a file (CSV)
controllable via hotkey

supports the operation with a measurement supervisor
Interfaces : RS232
and the language

runs under Windows 7, 8, and 10

additional :
several shots can be taken consecutively (long-term measurement)
automatically incrementing file name with date and time
creep measurement (10pcs. readings every 30seconds)

automatically generates curves / axes / callouts based on the measurement enhancer setting
transfers measurement data to a target application (where the cursor is located)
play sound files when exceeding limit values
insert text marker, set zero point, reset peak values

zoom, scroll and view readings in the course of the curve and read their value
graphs can be exported as an image, or copied to the clipboard