Aluminium housing 135 * 85 * 35mm
Power supply voltage 6.5 ... 13.5VDC <350mA

Data sheets :
P05U/P05W mit USB / WLAN Schnittstelle
P05U/P05W with USB / WLAN Interface

Suitable measurement data acquisition :
X - Link direct Graph
X - Link Logging (only WLAN amplifier)
The position indicator P05 with LED display
is small, handy and suitable for linear encoders with TTL outputs, in an aluminium housing. It is powered from 12VDC by an external plug-in power supply.

The LED display with a height of 11 mm is easy to read from a distance, even in difficult lighting conditions.

The measuring amplifier supports linear multi-point scaling.
The measured values / peak values can be zeroed / reset using the buttons. Interface USB 2.0, with a synchronous data transfer rate between 0.1..100Hz selectable, or asynchronous measured value request.
Supports incremental sensors with TTL output
max. display value ±199'999digits
reference point search function
positive / negative peak memory

Selectable output channels
measurement value [mm]
measurement value (user scaled)
positive / negative peak memory (user scaled)
8pcs.of limit pairs definable on active output channels


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