Custom Measurements, static and dynamic measurements

in addition to glue strain gauges, we also offer the matching job measurements.
Our equipment supports :

up to 200Stk. single - strain gauges in 3, or 4 - wire technology
or approximately 60Stk. rosettes
up to 200Stk. fullbridge strain gauges
up to 30Stk. displacement sensors (according to the differential throttle principle)
up to 30Stk. sensors with ±10V / ±20mA / 4-20mA outputs
up to 30Stk. temperature sensors PT100, PT1000, thermocouples typ J,K,T

All sensors and inputs can be sampled and recorded sequentially in mixed configuration.
In addition to single strain gauges and rosettes, existing signals such as tachimeters, infrared cameras, external pressure sensors and machine datas can also be recorded and documented.

For dynamic measurements,
the number of measuring points plays a minor role.
Important are the possible high measuring rates
and the filter types and used cutoff frequencies.

The key factor is that all sensors and inputs
are measured in parallel, or the synchronisability
of the measuring devices used in the process.

Protecting against possible interference,
the effect of ground loops via equipotential bonding
and shielding, as well as the type / structure of
measuring cables used is important.

In order to carry out dynamic measurements, various multi-channel measuring amplifiers with various sensor connection options in different versions are available. Feel free to contact us.

Measure of strain, force, pressure, displacement, speed
Torque, number of revolutions, acceleration, temperature
Measurements on rotating shafts and moving objects
mobile weighing