IoT / Cloud Connection

For monitoring tasks over a longer period of time, where bridges, platforms, tie rods, pipelines or water pipes and the like are to be monitored online or sporadically, a cloud connection is suitable for storing measured values centrally. It is possible to store the measured values on our server or on your own server for further processing and to allow selected persons to access them with a browser from any device and location.

The measurement amplifiers with WLAN / 3G / 4G LTE interface are connected to the server via an internet connection. The WLAN version requires a gateway in the infrastructure, the 3G / 4G / LTE version uses the mobile network of a telephone provider. Both versions use the http GET method to transfer the measurement data. A PHP script takes the encrypted data and stores it in a database. With the 3G / 4G LTE version, it is also possible to send the data via SMS to an SMS server.

Depending on the operating conditions, the measuring amplifiers are protected accordingly and can be operated with a rechargeable battery / solar cells. A bidirectional data exchange allows e.g. the resetting of peak values, or the adjustment of clock times and the reparameterisation of output channels.

If special requirements are placed on the power supply where, among other things, its capacity is limited, a measuring amplifier with integrated Real Time Clock (RTC) can be used. The measuring amplifier then only switches on sporadically, sends the data and switches off again after successful transmission. The measuring amplifier does not remain in standby mode, but disconnects completely from the power supply (None Standby Power).

Another advantage of the cloud connection can be a notification in the event of a malfunction or when limit values are exceeded. Our device cloud supports various criteria that serve for monitoring with alarms via e-mail and SMS server.

In the following you have the possibility to play through examples of an application. Select some criteria and apply them. A possible structure will then be suggested to you.