Company history:

1994 : The single company Trachsler Electronic was founded with headquarters in Bäretswil ZH and registered in the commercial register.
            Customized applications of strain gauges (DMS) and contract measurements were carried out,
            as well as service operations in the measuring and weighing technology in the inland.
2000 : The sole proprietorship Trachsler Electronics became Trachsler Electronics GmbH with headquarters in Wetzikon ZH.
            Measurement and test programs were created and industrial, hardware specific components were developed.
            The range of customer specific applications of strain gages (DMS) with order measurements,
            was extended to the surrounding foreign countries.
2020 : At the end of 2020 the company headquarters was moved from Wetzikon ZH to Wigoltingen - Häusern TG.
            Until today customer specific measuring and testing devices are built,
            customer specific software applications are developed, DMS applications and order measurements are carried out.

            Our strength as a small company is the flexibility, years of experience and support in the field.