We are celebrating our 30-year company history in 2024

of Trachsler Elekronik and the successor company Trachsler Electronics GmbH.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust and
welcome all our future customers



for laboratory and field use

for force / weight measurements, strain measurements

measure the bridge deviation in [mV/V], or the strain in [µm/m].
Linear user - multi-point scaling with 11 points, or
a polynomial user - scaling with 4 constants.
Peak value memory


Measured values to the cloud?

Many of our measuring amplifiers are cloud-compatible.

These can be connected to our server either via a mobile phone network,
or WLAN to our server.
This enables remote monitoring of measured values.


mobile corner load weighing system

using 4pcs. of weighing units A07Wled.

The 7 digit, 14-segment LED display can be swivelled through 90°.
This allows the brightly illuminated display to be optimally adjusted to the respective viewing angle.
Aviable in nominal loads 7.5t / 10t / 15t / 20t / 25t / 30t per unit.


Hard- and firmware development

for embedded systems and devices

with various interfaces such as Ethernet / WLAN / USB / RS485 / CAN / SPI / I2C etc.
uSD for data collection, or SIM card for communication via a mobile phone network.
Customised design / housing space-saving and easy to service,
with LED display or TFT touch display for user interaction



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